How to Transition your hair from Winter to Spring

How to Transition your hair from Winter to Spring

March brought us the first day of spring. The temperatures start to rise, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining for longer.

What does that mean? Its time to review your hair routine!

During autumn and winter, your locks would have been crying out for moisture. Due to the cold air, heavy butters and oils were the name of the game! Spring is the perfect time to try lighter products or oils - think Almond, or Jojoba oils for sealing. 

Since there tends to be more humidity in the air, products with glycerin or other humectants are great this time of year as a leave-in. Minimise the frizz that can come with humidity by incorporating a jelly or gel into your twist or braid-outs and wash n’ go’. 

Also remember to stay hydrated, its important to increase your water intake as it heats up - remember health hair starts inside out.

Spring is a great excuse to rock your 'fro (like we ever need an excuse)!