Hair care in the Autumn / Winter....

The season is changing, so your hair routine should change a little too.... Here are some tips to transition your routine from Summer to Autumn/Winter:

1. Deep Condition more often

Try not to miss this crucial step on wash day! Our hair will become dryer due to the indoor heating and colder air. Adding oils to your deep conditioner (or adding the step of a hot oil treatment) will make all the difference during the colder months. Consider doing this weekly if it is not already part of your weekly routine. 

Why not step up your deep condition even further by adding heat - Have you tried the Hot - Head deep conditioning cap

2. Protective styling

We recommend protective styling as much as possible throughout the Autumn and Winter. Scarves, hats and jumpers can all cause friction and breakage if we are not extra careful. So any protective styles such as braids, bantu knots, up do's, buns or wigs... (the list is goes on) where your ends are tucked away, are perfect to reduce manipulation and the exposure to the elements. MODIÊ’s Moisturising Hair Créme or the OBIA Natural Twist Whip Butter provide intense moisture and are great styling products for your twist/braid-out in preparation for your up-do style or bun.

3. Time to trim?

Are your ends in check? When was the last time you checked to see if your ends are in good condition? IF you need a trim - go for it, get rid of broken ends! 

4. Moisture, Moisure

We struggle to maintain moisture throughout the colder months because of indoor heating and the cold outside air. Use a water based moisturiser daily /every few days (everyone's hair is different, so find what works for you). Moisture is a must for healthy hair, allowing your hair to grow and flourish. 

5. Eat Well and Keep Hydrated

What goes in your body effects all parts of your body including your hair. Keeping a balanced diet and drinking lots of water in these colder months may be more of a challenge however it will encourge healthy tresses!